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You change your world

Just BE, Just DO it


I am Gemma  

I help Fashion Leaders to create a Life of Joy 


When you think about balancing being a business woman and mom and find sometime for you, friends or family, you feel like you’re failing at both. 


Deep down, you’re wondering if it isn’t working because you’re just not good enough. 


You keep thinking if you could just step back for a moment and start over differently. 

You are not alone. I’m a coach who helps women to create a life of meaning. 


Take a deep breath. You will find everything you need right here.

Design a life and a career that you're in love with. 

Are you coming? Let's do this. 


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Let's get us to know   

What you get with Gemma 

Girl with Hair Pins
Executive & Life Coach


I'm a certified Coach (CPCC) from CTI (widely recognized as the most rigorous school in the industry).

I'm an experienced Leader, leading with a multidisciplinar teams.

I do my work in English, Spanish & Catalan. 


Former Retail Director

I hear you

I've been working in Retail and Fashion for more than 14 years. My background is as Retail Director for a companies such a Hugo Boss, Karen Millen, Aristocrazy...

I've been in your position, I felt what you feel and I really understand the day to day of the business.

Girl with Hair Pins
More than Coaching

Being & Doing

We will be inverse in a new world of dreaming, of knowing, of creativity... 

You will feel better and you will find a new path of being and doing things differently.


If you’re struggling with stress, travels, sales, motivation, time management, or self doubt – the answer includes mindset.

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What you get with Gemma
Young Businesswoman

A.A, Senior Fashion Buyer 

"I think coaching is ideal for anyone at any time of their life. It makes you feel accompanied throughout moments of transition and simply by talking to someone that can guide your thought process you reach to your own conclusions about your own self and what is happening around you in your life.


I cannot see it not being beneficial but only positive for a person to feel they have someone to speak to and that someone will trigger such positive feelings within them.

Young Businesswoman

E.G, Executive Leader

"Whilst completing the sessions, my perception of coaching has completely changed. It has developed my confidence and given me the tools to approach and solve different situations in the future. I would highly recommend coaching to anyone who is looking for some guidance, reassurance or support in moving forward in a certain area in their life. 


I cannot thank you enough for what you allowed me to achieve and how far I have come during our sessions. I will carry what I have learnt throughout my whole life

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